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Hilton Head Nannies 

The Lowcountry's Gold Standard  

 for Childcare since 2007.

What should we expect to pay a nanny? 


The market is tough right now for families looking for nannies. The nanny industry has been hit with the same shortage of workers as all other markets in the economy. Covid closures and daycare limits have pushed more families to hire nannies for their families. As a result, the market is very competitive.


This is what we are currently seeing in this area. Please note that the market is shifting quickly due to demand and these rates are subject to change with those shifts.

Occasional Nannies Through Our Babysitting Registry Program

Regular Appointments $23/hour, 4 Hour Minimum
Standard Holiday Appointments $28/hour, 4 Hour Minimum
Premium Holiday Appointments $33/hour, 4 Hour Minimum
New Year's Eve Appointments $30/hour before 2 pm, $50/hour after 2 pm, 4 Hour Minimum
Early Start Increase (Before 7 am) +$5/hour
Late End Increase (After Midnight) +$5/hour
*Paid Directly to the Nanny at the end of each appointment 
**Holiday dates are published each December for the following year

For more information about our Babysitting Registry Program, please click here

Full-Time Nannies

1 Year of Experience $18-22/hour
2-5 Years of Experience $23-25/hour
5-10+ Years of Experience $25-35+/hour

Part-Time Nannies
+$2-$5 per hour

These rates are based on care for 1-2 children. For more children, you should expect to add $2-$4 per hour. If you are looking to do a “Nanny Share” (where families want to combine to share the cost of the nanny), you should look to add $8-10/hour to the rates above. 


Nanny/Household Manager/Family Assistant

1 Year of Experience $25/hour
2-5 Years of Experience $26-34/hour
5-10+ Years of Experience $35-85/hour
*Dependent on Responsibilities


Newborn Care Providers

$35-95 per hour, plus travel costs, room and board. 

What benefits do candidates expect? 


One thing to keep in mind is that while you are looking to meet and retain a great nanny, there are other families you are in competition with. To attract excellent caregivers, families are offering great benefits, inclusive of:


Health Insurance—In full or a contribution

1-5 Weeks Paid Vacation

3-5 Paid Sick Days, plus more if your children pass illness onto their nanny

Personal Days

Paid Major Holidays

Travel Pay

Relocation Expenses

Cell Phone Stipends

Memberships to Professional Organizations (Such as the International Nanny Origination)

Education Stipend

Paid Days Off to attend Conferences

Guaranteed Hours: Meaning the nanny is paid for her scheduled hours even if you do not utilize her services

Are there any benefits required to work with Hilton Head Nannies ? 


Because Hilton Head Nannies places an emphasis on working with only the best caregivers, we require the following benefits for all nannies placed through us:


Health Insurance Contribution
1-2 Weeks Paid Vacation Annually

Minimum of 3 Paid Sick Days Per Year
Paid Holidays Off: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day,
Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day,
Day After Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day

Guaranteed Hours: Nanny is paid for hours contracted for even if you do not utilize her services

What other costs will I incur? 


Additional costs you may incur include:

Taxes - Legally a nanny's salary is taxable and as the employer, you must pay the employer’s portion of the taxes (Some families choose to pay the nanny’s portion too). Any caregiver being paid more than $600 in wages per year may not be considered independent contractors.  Employer taxes and unemployment insurance must also be paid. We refer clients with payroll tax questions to HomeWork Solutions, Inc. at 1-800-NANITAX (1-800-626-4829) or The HomeWork Solutions website has a free online tax calculator that is particularly helpful when planning your nanny
compensation package.

Overtime Pay -  Federal law does not permit nannies to be salaried. The Labor Department has deemed them hourly employees. This means that any hours worked over 40 hours in a 7 day work period must be paid at the rate of time and a half.

Please Note: Hilton Head Nannies will not work with employers who plan to pay their nanny “under the table”. 

What fees are charged by Hilton Head Nannies? 


Application Fee:

There is an application fee & payment for initial services that pays for our initial expenses of recruiting for your position:

$1,000 for PT/FT Placements
$500 for Temporary Placements 

Placement Fee:

Once you offer employment to a nanny, the placement fee is as follows: 

Temporary Nannies: 20% of the estimated compensation package (75 days or less), with a minimum fee of $2,000


PT & FT Placements, Newborn Care Specialists: 20% of the first year’s estimated compensation with a minimum fee of $3,000.

Is there a placement guarantee? 

Yes, for permanent placements!  We are confident in our ability to match loving nannies with families who have similar interests, values, and goals. However, if the nanny was to leave or the family is unsatisfied for performance based reasons, we provide the following guarantee:  


Within ninety days of the start date, if the initial Permanent Placement Applicant turns out to be unsuitable to the Client for performance based reasons, HHN will utilize reasonable efforts to conduct a second search on behalf of the Client without charge. The second search is only valid for one potential replacement Applicant and will only occur if the placement fee has been received prior to the employment start date. Further, the second search must be of the same scope (salary range, hours, location, etc.) as the initial search. HHN can not guarantee the length of time the second search will take; however, HHN reserves the right to limit the second search period to a maximum of six weeks. If for any reason, HHN is unsuccessful in locating a replacement Applicant, the placement fee remains non-refundable, in part or in whole, so long as HHN complies with its obligations as set forth in this paragraph four (4). This guarantee is made for Temporary Placements as well, so long as the request is made within ten days and the applicant turns out to be unsuitable for performance based reasons.

How do we begin the process of working with Hilton Head Nannies to secure a nanny for our family? 

We would be delighted to assist you in finding the best nanny for your family's needs. To get started, please call our office and ask to speak with one of our placement coordinators. You may reach us at 843-227-3196. 

We look forward to working with you! 


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