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Frequently Asked Questions

In-Room Services

How are you different from other services?

First and foremost, we are LOCALLY owned and operated. The founder and owner, Jennie, is an active member of the Hilton Head Island/Bluffton community. She has spent decades investing in families as a professional career nanny and parent coach before she started Hilton Head Nannies. Founded in 2007, Hilton Head Nannies was the first and remains the only full-service nanny and babysitting agency in the Lowcountry that is solely dedicated to providing for all childcare needs. When it comes to care for your children, you want to work with an agency that has 20+ years of experience behind its name. We put families first - always. Our goal is to be a blessing to the families we work with.

How old are your nannies & sitters?

All of our nannies are age 18 or older and are mature, energetic professionals.

What backgrounds do your nannies & sitters have?

Our caregivers are students, mothers, grandmothers, teachers, nurses, retired professionals, and career professionals who all have a genuine love for children. All of our caregivers have a strong background in caregiving.

How do your nannies & sitters entertain the children?

Our caregivers believe in keeping the children busy! They bring with them a "Nanny Bag" full of toys, books, games, arts & crafts and more! Many of the hotels and resorts have wonderful amenities that the caregivers will utilize: corn hole, table tennis, swimming, sand castle building, walks on the beach, scavenger hunts, etc. Some of our caregivers are comfortable riding bikes with the children if bicycles are available.

Are your nannies & sitters CPR & First Aid Certified?

Yes! All of our nannies are required to attend in-person Infant, Child, & Adult CPR Certification as well as Basic First Aid Training.

Is it okay for us to use a nanny camera while your caregiver is with our kids?

Absolutely! Our caregivers have signed a contract with our agency that gives permission for all clients to use a nanny camera with or without their permission. Additionally, Hilton Head Nannies owns nanny cameras that, with our client's permission and cooperation, we rotate to different appointments prior to the caregiver's arrival so that we can evaluate performance. Our caregivers never know when it is going to be "their turn" to be evaluated. We believe in using every available tool to keep children safe. Nanny cameras, used properly as a preventative tool are just another way that Hilton Head Nannies puts children and families first.

Do your caregivers take part in any other training?

Yes! In order to obtain a spot on our registry, all of our nannies must be willing to go through an orientation. In addition, we offer nannies periodic professional development training.

Where will your caregivers provide care?

Our caregivers come to you and provide care where you are. We work with families who are in homes, villas/condos, time-shares, hotels/inns, and at events such as conventions and weddings.

Do I need advance reservations?

Advance reservations are recommended because we are often booked in advance. It is advisable to book your reservation as soon as possible so that we can guarantee you a place on our schedule. However, we retain a number of caregivers who are "on call" and, while we cannot guarantee a last minute appointment, we make every effort to provide for last minute needs. We can often have someone to you in as little as one hours time. If you find yourself on the island in need of last minute childcare, please call.

How far in advance can I book a reservation?

We are available to book in-room childcare reservations up to 12 months in advance.

If we book multiple appointments, can we have the same nanny each time?

We recognize that it is important for children to have the same caregiver come when multiple appointments are booked. Therefore, it is our policy to always send the same caregiver when you make multiple, advance reservations. While there may be some situations that are out of our control (no advance reservations, sick caregivers, or a caregiver exposed to illness, for example), we will always work with your childrens' best interests at heart and strive to have the same caregiver throughout your stay.

What ages do your nannies typically care for?

We provide care for newborns through 14 years. We also care for children with special needs and senior adults who do not need medical care.

Will I be able to contact my nanny when she is caring for my children?

Yes, you will! All nannies are required to have working cell phones with them at all times. They can be reached via cell phone if they are outside playing or via the room/condo/home number if cell phone reception is poor inside.

Reception on some parts of the island is spotty. We recommend that you provide your caregiver with the WIFI password so that she can communicate with you via text message.

Will I be able to speak with my nanny prior to the appointment?

Yes! You will receive an email from the office with the name of your nanny. Our nanny will call you at least 72 hours out from your appointment to make an introduction and to learn more about your children. If the appointment is not made in advance, the nanny will call you prior to your appointment.

What happens if I have an existing appointment and I need to get in touch with the agency after hours?

All clients with an appointment are given the private cell phone number of the owner, Jennie, at the time of the appointment. The number is also at the bottom of the email confirmation that you will receive. Please reach out to Jennie via that number for assistance.

Can you provide services in other areas such as Tybee Island, Savannah, Fripp Island, etc?

We can refer caregivers to those who live outside of the Hilton Head Island area. Because of the travel time involved, we charge for anything over 30 minutes travel time (each way) along with a gas stipend. The booking fee for surrounding areas increases by $7 per appointment.

Can we have a specific nanny be "on-call" for our family during specific hours on a specific day?

Absolutely! However, the nanny must be paid for those hours even if her services are not utilized as she is unable to accept work with other clients or make personal plans. We are happy to work with you to ensure flexible scheduling for your family so that your vacation is everything you desire it to be.

What is your screening process?

The culture and core values of HIlton Head Nannies is that children are the priority in everything that we do. Their physical and emotional safety are the driving force behind every decision we make. Caregivers must provide nine references, must prove a strong history of working with children, must undergo a thorough background check run by a professional background check company, and must pass a sex offender registry check. Each caregiver is interviewed and hand selected by the owner, Jennie. Jennie lives locally and is involved in the day-to-day running of Hilton Head Nannies. She personally interviews each caregiver and believes that it is important that she has a relationship with each of her team members so that she truly knows who she is sending out to provide care for clients. When it comes to the safety of children, Jennie will not take chances. Her screening process is intense and thorough.

I would like to book a nanny or sitter. What is the process?

Step 1: Submit a booking request here on our website (available 24x7) or call our office at 843-227-3196. Those who book online will receive a follow-up phone call from our office to answer any qeustions and obtain your credit card information for the deposit.
Step 2: A confirmation is sent via email along with the name of your caregiver. Step 3: Your caregiver calls you to confirm, make an introduction, and ask questions about your children. Step 4: The caregiver shows up at your door for your appointment.

What are your rates?

Our rates are as follows: $26 per hour/1 child $1 per hour for each additional child
$28 booking fee per appointment Holiday Rates: +$5/hour, Booking Fee $35/hour

Unlike other agencies, we do not charge membership fees or mileage fees. Our nannies bring their own snacks and meals.


Identifying Your Caregiver

Our professional caregivers are instructed to have their Driver's License ready to show you. You should compare their ID to the name provided to you in your confirmation email.

Booking Again

Our caregiver woud love to work with your family again! If you'd like to book another appointment, please be sure to call the office so that we can get that scheduled for you. Caregivers are not permitted, by contract, to accept appointments without going through the agency.

2021 Holidays

Holiday Rates apply on the following dates:

Memorial Day Weekend
Thursday May 27th - Monday May 31st
Fathers Day
Sunday June 20 4th of July Thursday July 1st-Sunday July 4th
Labor Day
Thursday September 2nd - Monday September 6th

Friday November 19th - Sunday November 28th Christmas Friday December 17th-Sunday December 26th New Years
Thursday December 30th-Sunday January 2nd

Agency Paperwork

Childcare Release Form: All parents are required to sign a childcare release form prior to the caregiver being left with your child. Nanny Service Invoice: All clients must sign our Nanny Service Invoice at the conclusion of the appointment.

Swim Release Form: Clients who desire that their caregiver take the children swimming must first sign a swim release form.

Deposit & Payment

To book your appointment, we require a non-refundable deposit of 1/3 of the estimated balance of your appointment + the booking fee. The other 2/3 of the balance is due to the caregiver in cash at the end of the appointment (some nannies accept cash apps such as Venmo and Zelle). Please note: It is required that you pay your nanny the remaining balance in cash at the end of your appointment. If the nanny is not paid, as an additional service to you, we will process the payment to your credit card on file. There is a $25/per appointment additional service charge to process your payment, write a check to the caregiver, and mail it to her.

Credit Card Security

Because we do not actually see your credit card, our credit card processor requires that you show your driver's license to the caregiver during the appointment. The nanny will take down information off of your driver's license and copy to the Nanny Service Invoice that she turns into the office. This is to secure the deposit charged to your credit card. The name on the driver's license must match the name on the reservation and credit card.

Releasing Children

For the security of your children, our caregivers are not permitted to release a child to anyone other than the parent or legal guardian unless advance arrangements are made with the office and the appropriate forms are signed.

Water Activities

Under most circumstances, our caregivers are comfortable getting in the pool with children. However, as a pool situation can be a life or death situation, we do not require that our caregivers do so if they get to a job and feel uncomfortable for some reason (the children are not listening well, a child is out of sorts, or other people in the pool put the children at risk, etc.). For this reason we cannot guarantee that your children will get to go swimming. However, our caregivers love to take the kids to the pool! The caregivers do have a few ground rules that the children must follow. Parents must sign a swim release form for the agency prior to the appointment beginning.

Though our caregivers do not allow children in the ocean, they will allow them to play on the beach and dig in the sand.


When traveling to an activity or restaurant with a caregiver, transportation cannot be by private vehicle. Shuttle, chartered transportation, professional taxi, or resort transportation is acceptable. We do not permit travel by Uber or similar services. When going to an activity with a family, the caregiver must drive her own vehicle and meet the family there.

Cancellation Policy

While the deposit you placed when you booked your appointment is nonrefundable, no further fees are charged when at least 72 hours notice is provided for cancellations. Otherwise, the credit card on file will be charged for the full balance due.

Sick Child/Household Policy ~ COVID-19 Policy

We work with families traveling from all over the country and world who come here to enjoy the beautiful beaches and environment of the Lowcountry. We appreciate that our clients go through great expense to travel here and in order to prevent carrying illness from one client's family to another, we have a strict "Sick Child/Sick Household" policy. No one wants to be sick on vacation and that is why if a caregiver is exposed to illness, or ill herself, we pull her from our schedule for an appropriate amount of time. Just as we are protective of your family, we need your help protecting other families. Likewise, we must protect our caregiver's and their families.

If anyone in your group (child or adult) is showing signs of illness, please call the agency immediately and inform us so that we can determine if it is appropriate to send the caregiver.

Caregivers may provide care for children with runny noses so long as there is no fever or behavioral changes, and so long as your child has not been exposed to someone who has the flu or COVID-19.

Illness Cancellation Policy: Appointments may be cancelled up to 12 hours prior to the start time for illness and there will be no additional charges for the appointment (deposits are nonrefundable). If less than 12 hours' notice is given, and we are unable to place the caregiver in another appointment slot, the client will be charged in full for the appointment via the credit card on file. Our office will pay the caregiver on your behalf.

When Illness is not disclosed to the agency: If your caregiver arrives to your appointment and there is a sick child or adult present that was not disclosed to us prior to her arrival, the caregiver must call the agency immediately. The agency may decline care. When this occurs and the caregiver is exposed, the caregiver is to be paid in full for the scheduled appointment at double the hourly rate (inclusive of holiday rates). The increased rate is due to her exposure and having to pull her off rotation so that she does not take illness to another family.

With agency approval, and at the caregiver's discretion, a caregiver may be willing to stay and provide care for a sick child. However, sick care rates and booking fees are triple the standard fees (inclusive of holiday rates). The extra cost makes up for some, but not all, of the lost income the caregiver and agency incur as a result of illness exposure and the caregiver being pulled from our schedule.

Sick Care with Advance Notice: For your convenience and at our discretion based on our schedule, if you desire care for your sick child/children, we may be able to provide care. Sick care rates and booking fees triple the standard fees (inclusive of holiday rates). The extra cost makes up for some, but not all, of the lost income that results from a caregiver being pulled from our schedule.

We are unable to make acceptions to these policies. Thank you for being thoughtful of our caregivers and our other clients as we strive to be thoughtful of your family's health!


We are often asked by clients whether or not gratuity is expected and what the appropriate amount should be. While gratuity is not expected it is fairly standard in the industry. If you are happy with the service you received, your caregiver would very much appreciate any gratuity. The recommended gratuity amount is the standard 15-20%.


Except in emergency situations (a child gets sick, etc.), our caregivers are not permitted to bathe children.

Booking Appointments

When booking an appointment online, you are authorizing us to book that appointment for you and charge a deposit to your credit card you place with us at the time of booking. If changes need to be made to the date and time of the appointment(s), and you give us verbal authorization over the phone to make those changes and book the appointments on your behalf, the same nonrefundable deposit policy applies.

Re-Booking Cancelled Appointments

If you book an appointment and then cancel it, the nonrefundable deposit is nontransferable. If you change your mind and later want to re-book that appointment, then it will be considered a new appointment with a new reservation deposit.