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Join Our Team! 

If you are a dedicated childcare professional with a heart for children and people, we want to talk to you! We are looking for nannies and sitters to work with our clients - both vacationers and local families. Our team has a lot of fun! Come get paid to play! 

Opportunities with Hilton Head Nannies 

We have many opportunities for childcare professionals who are looking for work in which they will be treated professionally and be paid a professional rate: 

  • Babysitting Registry: Work with our clients, both locals and vacationing families in their private homes, rentals, or resort suites/hotel rooms. You choose the jobs you want to take and work when you want to work. We have two teams: The Hilton Head Island/Bluffton/Beaufort area team and the Savannah/Tybee Island area team. 

  • On-Call Work: You provide the hours you want to be available to be on-call for last minute appointments and we will try to match you with a client. 

  • Temporary Nanny Placements: After interviewing with the family and being offered the position, these placements can last anywhere from a couple of weeks up to 3 months. 

  • PT & FT Nanny Placements: After interviewing with the family and being offered the position, you will work for this family as their permanent nanny. Most of these positions require a minimum of a 12 month commitment, with many families hoping the relationship lasts much longer. 

  • Summer Nanny Placements: After interviewing with the family and being offered the position, you will work for this family as their summer nanny. These jobs can be either PT or FT. Many of our summer nannies return to work for their families each summer. 

  • Newborn Care Specialists: This work is specifically for those who are trained in this field. 

About The Registry 


What Makes This a Great Opportunity?


We offer the following opportunities for registered nannies & sitters:

  • Professional Pay starting at $17.33/hour and going up to $37.33/hour PLUS TIPS. Make even more on Holiday weeks/weekends. Tips are customary when working with vacationing clientele. 

  • Get paid directly by the client at the end of each appointment. 

  • Professional respect while working with caring and fun team. 

  • Flexible Scheduling with the opportunity to pick the jobs you want to work. 

  • Opportunities for Summer Nanny Positions, PT and FT Nanny Placements.

  • Ongoing Educational Opportunities in various topics that look great on a resume.

  • The Registry is great for those who want to earn extra income but have a primary job or for students who want to make money while working around their school schedule.

  • Work as much or as little as you want to or are able to. 

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What Our Team Members Are Saying: 

"I have loved my experience working with Hilton Head Nannies! From the beginning, I appreciated the extremely detailed vetting and hiring process. It showed me the value that they put on the safety of children and families. There is a huge TEAM mentality. Communication has been very open and transparent and I always feel like am "heard" if I need anything. I like that I am not pressured to accept jobs but can choose at my level of comfort with positions. When I arrive at a job, it is nice to know that so much has been done ahead of time so that when I arrive there is easy with the transition of me and the families and our time together." 


—  Amie S.  

Requirements to Join Our Nanny Registry? 


What does it take for us to be willing to represent you?

  • We only work with nannies who are over the age of 22. We do not make exceptions to this policy.

  • You must be able to speak English fluently, have a working smartphone and an email address.  

  • You must genuinely love children and you must have experience working with children. 

  • We require a minimum of 9 references - no exceptions. If you cannot provide 9 references, Hilton Head Nannies will not be able to represent you to our clients. References may not be related to you in any way, they must be legitimate references and we are expecting fantastic feedback about you. 

  • All nannies must take a Skills Assessment and have a high score. 

  • You must provide the required identification documentation. 

  • We are looking for nannies who have a genuine interest in the well-being of children and an understanding of child safety. 

  • We are looking for an impressive application, inclusive of answers that set you apart from other applicants. Please be thoughtful and honest in your answers. 

  • We are looking for individuals with a steady and excellent work history. 

  • We have an amazing team of nannies and we are looking for people to join our team who are worthy of being a part of Hilton Head Nannies. We are team oriented, kind, welcoming, and loving. 

  • We are looking for individuals who are positive, agreeable and who have the ability to take and follow advance directives. 

  • You must be a very prompt and dependable person. If you are someone who is late or calls out of shifts often, we are not for you. 

  • We are looking for individuals who communicate well, are customer-service driven, have the gift of Southern hospitality, and are not afraid of hard work. If you are looking for a job where you sit and watch TV while the kids play, then we are not for you. Our nannies are required to engage and play with the children in our care. Books, arts and crafts, toys, and games are all a vital part of the service you will provide to our clients. 

  • You must be able to pass an intense background check run by a professional background check company. Hilton Head Nannies is not able to work with individuals who have criminal convictions in their backgrounds - no exceptions. 

  • Hilton Head Nannies uses technology to supervise our nannies - on rotation - via audio and video recording devices with our clients' permission. Our nannies never know when it will be their turn to be supervised. All of our nannies must agree to technical supervision by the agency and/or our clients at any given time and with or without advance knowledge. Technical supervision protects children and also validates the excellent job that you are doing for our clients!