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"Jennie, you have excellent taste in nannies. Every nanny you have sent us has been wonderful! We've been very happy." ~ Julie-Anne Robinson, Movie Producer "The Last Song"

"We are just back from Hilton Head with fond memories of sunshine, family and laughter. I just wanted to write to you and tell you that your nanny was a really precious young woman and she gave my daughters-in-law a break that they needed. We were impressed with her maturity, energy levels and creativity. We will be back next year and hope you'll send her to us again. Thanks for making our vacation truly enjoyable." ~ Francis A

"Hilton Head Nannies has been our go-to Nanny Service for over 12 years. The nannies who care for our children have been nurturing, experienced, and engaging. Every nanny has been punctual, professional and so caring. We have used Hilton Head Nannies for after school sitters, evenings out, and weekend overnights as our family has grown from one to four children. We have developed such a bond with Hilton Head Nannies' owner, Jennie, and I feel certain that she and her nannies truly love my children. I recommend them highly!" ~ Mandy W. 

We booked a nanny through an online website thinking it would save us money. The sitter canceled on us. My wife was so disappointed that our date night was off. I called Hilton Head Nannies and they had a sitter to us that next night and I was able to provide my wife with a wonderful surprise night out. From now on, they are the only sitters for us when we are here. Thanks Jennie!" ~ Robert, Atlanta

"My mom and I brought the children to Hilton Head Island for a weekend away. Your services were recommended and it was so nice to have an adult dinner. Thanks for making it possible for some quality time with her." ~ Melissa D

"We use Hilton Head Nannies every year. This is our 9th year calling Jennie for a nanny. We love her and her team and we've never been disappointed. They are one of the reasons we choose to come to Hilton Head every year for a vacation. We know that we will have a chance for a break and our kids will have fun with people who genuinely care about them!" ~ Barb, Ohio

"Our family requested a nanny through a different service on the island for my parent's 40th wedding anniversary. The day of the appointment, the agency called to cancel. Our entire family was in town for the celebration and we needed help for the children of 3 families. I called Jennie with Hilton Head Nannies and she sent us two fantastic nannies with only a few hours notice. They were worth every penny and our children talked about their nannies all week. Thank you Jennie and the Hilton Head Nannies team for helping us celebrate Mom and Dad. You saved our party and made the trip a success!" ~ Gloria M. 

"I just wanted you to know that the first thing Will asked for when he opened his eyes this morning was 'Jen Jen'. Thank you for helping to make our anniversary weekend so special!" ~ Anne K. Mother of a child who had never taken to a babysitter before. 

"We've been using Hilton Head Nannies for years and have come to know Jennie, the owner, pretty well. We are amazed at her care and love for kids and her personal care and love for our family. Every nanny she has sent us has the same loving spirit and this very picky mom has felt confident walking out the door without worry or fear. My husband and I discovered that hiring Jennie's nannies is an investment in not only our kids but also in our own ability to connect. We believe that taking a few afternoons/evenings to connect with each other is vital for our marriage. Jennie's team helps us take time with each other so that our vacation truly feels lie a vacation and we head home recharged, reconnected and relaxed. They are worth their rates. Hilton Head is our destination because they are here and we highly recommend their services." ~ Tom & Elena, OH

"What a wonderful experience! We needed childcare at the last minute while attending a conference. Having never used a nanny service before we were a bit hesitant,  but took the plunge and we are so glad we did! The nanny was a gem! Caring, professional, responsible and fun to boot... we wish we could have brought her home with us! Even our child said that she was the 'best babysitter ever'! Thank you again!" ~ C. Low

"Our nanny was just delightful! D. & C. were so comfortable and happy with her. I felt immediately at ease with her personality and obvious knowledge and love for children. I hope we will be back next year and have the pleasure of seeing her again!" ~ The A Family (repeat clients of several years)

"We began using Hilton Head Nannies about a year ago for our regular trips to the Island. They are great about sending the same nanny to us each time. We were a little uneasy about leaving him at first, but once we got to know Jennie and her nanny we became very comfortable. It's so nice to be able to have a break during our time there. We highly recommend Hilton Head Nannies!" ~ H.P. 

"Dear Jennie, Thank you for coming yourself to take care of the kids when we were in town last week! Even with the cool weather, the children had a blast with you at the beach! Our kids have always enjoyed sitters, but I was amazed when they ran up to give you a hug on your second night. I have to admit, I was surprised when you said you were the one coming to the appointment. Having you was a treat. We look forward to future trips to South Carolina and you are number one on our call list! Sincerely, Lindsay B."

"Isabel loved that the nanny came with a nanny bag full of toys and books. She even had on mouse ears because it was October and had drawn a mouse nose on her face with makeup. We were a bit surprised when we answered the door -- but our daughter! Oh, she took to your nanny! I'm not entirely sure she wanted us to come back. You told me your nannies were experienced in handling separation anxiety, but this was more than experience: this was skill mixed with compassion and topped with a whole lot of love. Thank you for making it possible for my husband and me to get some alone time together."

Jennie - I tell everyone about Hilton Head Nannies! You guys are the reason we keep coming back to the same place for vacation every year. My husband and I know that we can have a few nights out and that the kids will have a good time too! No parent guilt! Thanks for everything. We'll see you this summer." ~ The M Family

"My wife and I travel frequently and are familiar with using services. Your company has this down to a science. The nannies are great, the reservation process is easy, the administrative staff is friendly and the owner is personable. We just wish we could take you with us in all our travels." ~ Henry S

"As a new mama who has never left her baby before, I love that your service includes the nanny calling in advance to introduce herself. You guys go above and beyond in making parents feel comfortable. Our nanny was very sweet with our son." ~ Kate N

"Jennie -- Thank you for sending the toys out with the nannies for the grandchildren. The nannies were wonderful, and thank you for leaving the toys here through the week for us to use. It was such a kind gesture. It was helpful in the evenings when they were too tired for the beach. Thank you for thanking ahead for me as it wasn't something I had thought of. We'll see you next year!" ~ Meredith

"The team at Hilton Head Nannies is fantastic. Our personal nanny became ill just before our trip to Hilton Head for a wedding. We are in the wedding and were counting on her to help with our twin infants. Our vacation nanny was friendly, professional, and fun -- and she just knew what needed to be done. That helped tremendously with time constraints and this already stressed out maid of honor." ~ Shelly K

"Our nanny was wonderful. We loved her and will certainly book her next time we are in Hilton Head. We felt so comfortable leaving her with our 18 month old son. She pushed him endlessly up and down the little street in front of our house in his push car and played puzzles and read books. He slept through the night both nights she sat! Thank you Hilton Head Nannies!" ~ The K Family

"The nanny you sent to us was great! She took Kelly down to the beach to look for seashells and entertained her outside when we played golf. We will call you again!" ~ Cindy I. 


"Jennie - we are back from a wonderful trip to Hilton Head. Thank you for always taking such great care of our family and accommodating our special needs. Your nanny was terrific and just who we needed this year. Of course, all of your nannies are great, but you have a gift for sending us just who we need each year. Thank you for loving us and our kids. See you next year!"


My husband is in the service and has been deployed. When the owner of Hilton Head Nannies found out that we were in town and had not been able to go on a date in a long time, she arranged to have someone come take care of our kids free of charge. We wouldn't have been able to do this without her generosity. It was great to be able to spend time with my best friend again without the demands of small kids. I can't thank her and her nanny enough!"