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Meet The Owner

Hilton Head Nannies Owner Jennie Krogulski

Jennie Krogulski

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Meet Jennie Krogulski, founder and owner of Hilton Head Nannies, the woman who wears many hats and is the Director of Fun. Often, when you call our office, you'll be speaking directly with Jennie as she is very hands on in the day-to-day operation of Hilton Head Nannies. Jennie has been in the professional nanny industry for more than 2 decades and spent years traveling around the country working for families with a wide variety of needs as a professionally trained, career nanny. Jennie moved to beautiful Hilton Head Island to work for an amazing family in Sea Pines. It didn't take long for her to fall in love with the Lowcountry, the people here, and become well-established in the community she cares so much about. She is still very close with the family she moved here to work for (those children are now grown!) and has also become known as "Jen-Jen" to many other children in the area over the years. A significant health challenge required a slow down in pace as well as an early retirement from her full-time nanny career. Because of her love for the industry and her desire to stay in it, she founded Hilton Head Nannies in 2007 and a rewarding journey began. Over the last 14 years, Hilton Head Nannies has served many thousands of families, tens of thousands of children, and our team has built meaningful long-lasting relationships with our clientele. Jennie is a firm believer that Hilton Head Nannies is all about the people: the nannies, the children and the parents. They are family to her! 

In addition to serving as a nanny, Jennie has worked as a dorm parent, elementary school teacher, missionary, parent coach, freelance writer, board of directors member for the Professional Nanny Association of Atlanta,  founder and co-president of the former Association of Professional Nannies (APN) - a national educational group for nannies, children's church teacher, youth pastor, and Sunday school teacher. Jennie is active in the community and has volunteered her time in various ministries including senior citizen & shut-in outreach, homeless ministries, child advocacy organizations, a home for unwed mothers, and children's after school organizations. She has been a member of NAN (National Association of Nannies), INA (International Association of Nannies), and Christian Nannies, a group of women who come together to pray for and support one another in their roles as nannies. Jennie has been called on by national media regarding the vacation nanny industry and her expertise in it. She has worked locally and nationally with family court systems as a specially trained supervisor for parents who through court order cannot be left alone with their children. She has worked with Social Services, CASAs (Court Appointed Special Advocates), family therapists, child psychologists, and  guardian-ad-litems.

Jennie has spent her life advocating for, nurturing and protecting children. This background and experience has aided her in choosing the very best nannies to join the Hilton Head Nannies team. She
 has personally provided care to over 900 children ranging in ages from premature newborn to teenagers and specializing in multiples, discipline and behavior modification issues, grieving children, children of divorcing parents, and special needs children. The Hilton Head Nannies' team is an extension of Jennie's calling on her life - serving families, caring for children and making safety the priority. She hand selects each nanny who serves on the team to ensure that the people representing her are the very best. 

Hilton Head Nannies was the first and remains the only locally owned and operated, full-service childcare agency in the area. A portion of all of Hilton Head Nannies' profits is distributed to local and international charities that benefit children and families.