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Hilton Head Nannies 

The Lowcountry's Gold Standard  

 for Childcare since 2007.

What are the typical duties of a nanny? 


The primary responsibility of a nanny is the complete care of their employer's children.  No other duty, request, or responsibility should come first.  

 Typical duties of a nanny include but are not limited to:

  • Tending to each child's basic physical needs

  • Creating a safe environment for the children

  • Simple meal planning and preparation

  • Laundry and clothing care for children

  • Organization of play activities and outings

  • Organization of educational activities and projects

  • Reading to the children

  • Social activities (birthday parties, play groups)

  • Homework help

  • Organization of children’s bedrooms, bathrooms, playrooms

  • Organization of children’s wardrobes/closets

  • Maintaining Nanny Notebooks (a log) of the children’s activities, growth and development and any other valuable information for the parents

  • Light housekeeping such as loading/unloading the dishwasher, taking out the kitchen trash, tidying up at the end of the day

Some nannies are also willing to take on extra responsibilities around the house, though their compensation

package should reflect these duties.


Some examples include:

  • Parent's laundry

  • Shopping and errands

  • Doing a complete clean of the home once per week

  • Personal Assistance/Household Management

  • Every nanny's responsibilities are unique and should be negotiated prior to placement.

What hours do nannies typically work?

This, too, is dependent on the needs of the family. We have seen every variation under the sun. Nannies typically prefer to work Monday through Friday with weekends off. However, some nannies work weekends with two days off throughout the week.  While each work agreement is unique, most full-time nannies work 30-60 hours per week and  part-time nannies typically work 15-29 hours per week. It is important to remember that nannies must be paid overtime (time and a half) for any hours worked over 40 hours in a 7 day work period.

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