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Hilton Head Nannies 

The Lowcountry's Gold Standard  

 for Childcare since 2007.

What is the process to apply?

The administrative team at Hilton Head Nannies is deeply committed to safeguarding the well-being of children and families. We implement a rigorous vetting process for all our applicants. Although this process requires time and diligence, it ultimately proves to be both financially and personally rewarding for those who join our team. Our procedure is straightforward and easy to follow. To help you understand what to expect, we have outlined the process below:

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Step One:
Submit Your Application 

Please review the types of applications we offer and select the one that best aligns with your experience and desired position.

It is crucial to answer all questions thoughtfully and thoroughly. Incomplete or poorly detailed applications will be rejected. Since applications are often shared with prospective families, please pay careful attention to grammar and spelling.

You only need to complete the application once. Once we receive it, we will reach out to discuss any positions that may be a good fit for you.

Step Two:
Send a Copy of Your Photo ID

You will receive an email requesting a copy of the front and back of your government-issued photo identification.

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Step Three:
Complete a Basic Nanny Skills Assessment 

Once we receive a copy of your photo ID, we will send you an online written nanny skills assessment. This timed assessment requires a quiet place with a reliable internet connection to complete. It will help us evaluate your knowledge in basic childcare, safety, and communication skills.

Step Four: 
Provide 9 References


After we receive the results of your Nanny Skills Assessment, we will send you a link to submit your reference contact information. For each reference, we will need their full name (first and last), email address, and phone number. Ensuring the accuracy of email addresses is crucial, as incorrect addresses and typos can cause significant delays in processing your application.

We strictly require a total of nine references. If you are short on employment references, we will accept additional personal references.

You will need: 
3 Childcare References
3 Professional/Employment References
3 Personal References

We strictly require a total of nine references. If you are short on employment references, we will accept additional personal references.

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Step Five: 
References are Checked

Hilton Head Nannies will first send an email to each reference, requesting them to complete an online reference form. The internet provider address and location of each submission are recorded and cross-referenced for accuracy

If we decide to proceed after your interviews, one of our recruiting coordinators will personally call each reference you provided to verify their legitimacy.

Step Six:

Once all nine of your references have responded to our request, should we desire to proceed, you will receive an invitation to interview with one of our recruiting coordinators.

Upon passing this initial interview, you will have a second interview with our President, Jennie Krogulski, who will take the time to get to know you better.

All interviews are conducted via Zoom without exception. You will receive an email invitation with a link to schedule your interview at a convenient date and time. The confirmation email will include the Zoom meeting details.

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Step Seven: 
Background Check & Agency Registration Forms

After your interviews, if we decide to move forward, we will ask you to complete agency registration paperwork via DocuSign. Once we receive this paperwork, we will initiate your background check with our professional background check agency. Due to the thorough nature of this check, it may take anywhere from 4 days to 2 weeks to complete, depending on your previous residences. Please note that some county searches can cause delays in the return of results. 

Step Eight: 
CPR/First Aid Certification

While we await the results of your background check, it's an excellent time to update or obtain your CPR/First Aid training. Your certification must cover infant, child, and adult CPR, as well as basic first aid.

You will receive an email from our recruiting department with details on the accepted certifications. Once you have obtained your certifications, please provide a copy to the office for your file.

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Step Nine: 

Once your background check is complete, you will be notified of the results. If the results are clear, you will receive an email invitation to watch a video orientation. Afterward, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about our team and what we do. Additionally, we will invite you to join our private team website, and provide access to our knowledge bases.

We offer ongoing support, and you are welcome to reach out anytime for assistance, feedback, and help. We are dedicated to helping you flourish in your role and will do everything we can to cheer you on toward success!

Step Ten: 
Introduction to Our Team & Download Team App

After completing your orientation, you will receive an invitation to download our team app, available on both Apple and Google Play. Once you have downloaded the app, you will be introduced to the team with a warm welcome!

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Step Eleven: 
Introductions to Families

The final step is being introduced to some of the finest families in our area, with pay and benefits that reflect your deserving qualifications.

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