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Hilton Head Nannies 

The Lowcountry's Gold Standard  

 for Childcare since 2007.

Typical Pay & Benefits for Our Nannies in the Lowcountry

The Best Nannies Prefer Working with Hilton Head Nannies

At Hilton Head Nannies, we do not set rates or benefits for temporary, permanent, summer, or newborn care positions. Compensation packages are negotiated directly between families and nannies. All agency fees are paid by the families; we do not take a cut of your income. Rates may vary with market shifts.

For Registry, Vacation Nanny, and On-Call Appointments, rates are predetermined and contracted. Nannies have the flexibility to choose the jobs they want and decide when they want to work. While this type of work does not include benefits, the flexibility and high hourly rates are ideal for many. Again, we do not take a cut of your income. All agency fees are covered by the families you work with, and rates may adjust with market changes.

Registry, Vacation Nanny & On-Call Appointments

Babysitting Registry:

The pay for these appointments is $26 per hour, with an additional $5 to $10 per hour on holidays. Each appointment has a 4-hour minimum, and you are paid directly by the family at the end of the appointment. This opportunity offers great flexibility, allowing you to accept only the appointments you choose.


Vacation Nanny Appointments:


Pay for these appointments' ranges from $23 to $55+ per hour, with opportunities to earn more on holidays. There is a 4-hour minimum for each appointment, and most of our vacationing clients also tip their nannies. You are paid directly by the family at the end of each appointment. This is also a highly flexible opportunity, letting you accept the appointments that suit you.

On-Call Work:

You provide your availability for last-minute appointments, and we will match you with clients. Pay for these appointments ranges from $23 to $55+ per hour, plus any gratuities, with opportunities to earn more on holidays. Each appointment has a 4-hour minimum, and you are paid directly by the client at the end of the appointment.

Average Hourly Rates for Long-Term/Permanent Nannies 

Nanny hourly rates vary based on the nanny's experience, education, job requirements, living situation (live-in or live-out), and the number and ages of children.

Here are the current rates for long-term positions in our area. Please note that these rates are subject to change due to market demand.

Full-Time Nannies:

  • 1 Year of Experience: $18-22/hour

  • 2-5 Years of Experience: $23-25/hour

  • 5-10+ Years of Experience: $25-35+/hour

Part-Time Nannies:

  • Add $2-$5 per hour to the rates above

These rates are based on care for 1-2 children. For more children, add $2-$4 per hour.

For a “Nanny Share” (where families share the cost of the nanny), add $8-10 per hour to the above rates.

Nanny/Household Manager/Family Assistant:

  • 1 Year of Experience: $25/hour

  • 2-5 Years of Experience: $26-34/hour

  • 5-10+ Years of Experience: $35-85/hour
    *Dependent on Responsibilities


Newborn Care Providers (requiring training and/or extensive, verifiable newborn care experience):

  • $35-95 per hour, plus travel costs, room, and board

Federal law requires nannies to be paid an hourly wage, not a salary. Any hours worked over 40 hours in a 7-day workweek must be paid at a rate of time and a half.

Please note: Hilton Head Nannies does not work with families or nannies that seek “under the table” payment arrangements. Nannies deserve legal protection and benefits that come with being paid legally.

Benefits and Perks

The staff at Hilton Head Nannies diligently educates parents on the importance of including benefits in compensation packages. Here are some of the benefits we advocate for:


Health Insurance

Health insurance is a standard benefit for nannies, with most families covering at least half of the premium. We require all families placing permanent nannies through Hilton Head Nannies to offer, at minimum, a health insurance contribution.. 

Covid-19 Screening

Paid Sick Days

Although the State of South Carolina does not mandate private sector employers to provide paid sick leave, most nanny employers recognize its importance. Many families offer 3-5 days of paid sick leave. We require the families we work with to provide at least 3 days.

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Paid Vacation/Holidays

The industry standard for vacation days per calendar year is 2 weeks (10 days for 5-day workweeks, 12 days for 6-day workweeks) and 7-10 federal holidays. Additionally, many families offer the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve as paid holidays. We require the families we work with to provide 1-2 weeks of paid vacation and 8 paid holidays.

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Cell Phone Contribution

Some families contribute monthly toward the nanny's cell phone bill due to the significant communication required on behalf of the family.


Paid Continuing
Education Days

Some families offer 2-5 paid days for their nanny to attend conferences and pursue learning opportunities that will benefit the family.

Airplane Wing

Continuing Education Stipend/Contribution

Some families provide a continuing education stipend for nanny conferences and classes. Contributions vary: some offer a set amount, others provide airline miles for tickets, and some cover all expenses. This varies widely among families.

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