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Temporary Placement Services

Does Hilton Head Nannies & Companions ever place on a temporary basis?

YES! HHNC realizes that while families may need a permanent placement, they also may need a temporary placement. Therefore, HHNC does place temporary candidates, including but not limited to Baby Nurses, Infant Specialists, Summer Nannies, and Relief Nannies. 

How quickly can we get a referral?

The time it takes to get a referral is dependent on what your family’s needs and preferences are. We have caregivers available who can step in and help immediately for most every situation. However, from time to time, we run across positions that we must begin a candidate search for. Searches can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.

What are the costs involved?

The costs involved depend on what exactly you are looking for. Nannies range from $10-18 per hour based on experience and education. Baby Nurses and Infant Specialists range from $15-30/hour dependent on experience and education/degrees.

We recognize that budgets and constraints are unique to every family. However, we believe that every family deserves to have a professional and safe nanny caring for their children. For that reason, Hilton Head Nannies & Companions placement fee is less than half of what most professional nanny agencies charge. 

There is an application fee of $350 for every family who is seeking a temporary, part-time or full-time permanent nanny.  This fee covers our initial expenses of recruiting for your position. Once you choose a nanny, the fees are as follows:  20% of projected annual salary, but not less than $200 for Temporary Nannies (2 months or less) or the Summer Season.

To Speak With One of Our Staff, Please Call

(843) 815-1313

Hilton Head Nannies is a professional nanny referral agency.  We carefully screen nannies and have very strict requirements for nannies who are on our registry. We do not employ the nannies -they are independent contractors who are employed by our clients and paid directly by the client.



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