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(843) 227-3196

Lowcountry Family Connections ~ Supervised Visitation

Lowcountry Family Connections, a subsidiary of Hilton Head Nannies, offers an array of support and supervised visitation services for families in crisis. Ms. Krogulski, the owner of Hilton Head Nannies, is involved in Social Services work as a specially trained supervisor for parents, through court order, who cannot be alone with their children. She has worked with the family court systems in multiple states and as a team member with Social Services, CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates), Family Therapists, Child Psychologists, and Guardian Ad Litems. In addition to Ms. Krogulski, we also contract with a licensed social worker and other professional supervisors.

Our goal is to assist families in creating a safe and healthy environment for their children while they go through the process of transitional phases such as divorce or separation, or while they are in the process of a legal difficulties.

There is an application and intake process that every family must go through before accepted as a social services client. In all cases, the children are the first priorty and therefore there are many safety measures put into place. That being said, our ultimate goal is to ensure a most enjoyable visit between parent and child. All visits are with experienced professionals and happen in a public setting. Visits are paid for privately and are paid for in advance.

We provide court ordered supervised visitation services in the following areas of South Carolina.

Mt. Pleasant

Unfortunately, due to a limited ability to travel, we are unable to provide supervised visitation or monitored exchanges outside of the areas listed above. 

For more information, please call (843) 227-3196 and ask to speak with someone from the Lowcountry Family Connections team.

Hilton Head Nannies is a professional nanny referral agency.  We carefully screen nannies and have very strict requirements for nannies who are on our registry. We do not employ the nannies -they are independent contractors who are employed by our clients and paid directly by the client.



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