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In-Room Nannies & Babysitters (Hotels, Homes, Villas, Poolside)

Hilton Head Nannies proudly offers a Hero Discount to all Military, Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters and EMS Personnel.

After a day on the beach, when the sun goes down and the Hilton Head Island vacation has just begun, are the children up to the challenge? Leave the fun to us! Hilton Head Nannies provides in-room childcare at island hotels and resorts. In fact, we are the preferred provider of many resorts, meeting planners, and convention groups.

This valuable service gives you the flexibility to create your own hours on vacation. Our professional caregivers provide one-on-one childcare in the comfort of your hotel room, resort rental, or vacation villa. Whether you are off to a meeting, out to dinner, playing golf, or getting a massage, you can enjoy peace of mind when leaving your child with our caregivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from other services?

We were the first and remain the only Full-Service Nanny & Babysitting Agency in the Lowcountry that is solely dedicated to providing for all childcare needs. When it comes to care for your children, you want to work with an agency that has 20 plus years of experience behind its name. We are professional, diligent, and we have very high standards. With Hilton Head Nannies, you will experience unsurpassed quality. 
Further, we work only with professional adults who must go through an exhaustive screening process, background check, and must attend professional training to be on our registry.

How old are your nannies and sitters?

We only accept nannies into our program who are age 18 or older. However, most of our nannies are over the age of 24. Our goal is to work with the most mature, responsible nannies who are the best of the best. We will work with nannies who are younger (age 18+) and are exceptionally mature for their age. When interviewing agencies to work with, be sure to check the ages of the nannies they work with. Some services send out very young nannies. 

What background do your nannies and sitters have?
Our nannies and sitters are students, moms, grandmothers, teachers, nurses, college graduates, retired professionals, and career professionals who all have a genuine love for children. They must have a strong background of working with children.


How do your nannies & sitters typically entertain the children?

This largely depends on the ages of the children and where you are staying on the island. Many hotels have outdoor facilities for families to use that our nannies will take the kids to (corn hole, table tennis, swimming, etc.). Additionally, our nannies bring "Nanny Bags" with activities of their choosing (toys, books, coloring books & crayons, puppets, arts and crafts, etc.). Some nannies will ride bikes with the children if available (check with your nanny). All nannies love to walk on the beach with your children and go on scavenger hunts. Please be sure to leave bug spray, sunscreen and sunglasses for your children. While we do not want our nannies using the TV during the daytime hours, we have found that by night, the kids are exhausted and pjs and a movie are just the ticket. 

Are your nannies CPR & First Aid Certified?
Yes! All of our nannies are required to attend in-person Infant, Child, & Adult CPR Certification training and Basic First Aid training.


Is it okay for us to use a nanny camera while your nanny is with our kids?

Absolutely! In fact, our nannies have signed a contract with our agency giving permission for all clients to use a nanny camera with or without their permission. Additionally, Hilton Head Nannies owns nanny cameras that, with our client's permission and cooperation, we rotate to different appointments prior to the nanny's arrival so that we can evaluate performance. Our nannies never know when it's going to be "their turn". We believe in using every available tool to keep children safe. Nanny cameras, used properly as a preventative tool (with nannies knowing that they will be used) are just another way that Hilton Head Nannies puts children and families first.  

Do your nannies take part in any other training?
Yes! In order to obtain a spot on our registry, all of our nannies must be willing to go through an orientation. In addition, we offer our nannies periodic professional development training.

Will you send nannies to private/rental homes or condos too?
Yes! In fact, a large percentage of our client requests are for rental homes. We do request, for the protection of our nannies, rental information from you when you make your reservation such as who your property management company is and what your arrival and departure dates are.  

Do I need advance reservations?
For vacationers requiring in-room or in-home childcare, advance reservations are recommended. It is advisable to book your childcare reservation as soon as possible, but at least 2 weeks to 30 days in advance.     However, we retain a large number of caregivers on call and, while we can't guarantee a last minute appointment, we make every effort to provide for last minute needs.   We can often have someone to you in as little as one hour’s timeSo if you find yourself on the island in need of last minute childcare, please call. However, we suggest that if you know of a need in advance that you make reservations before you arrive to ensure availability.

How far in advance can I book reservations?
We are available to book in-room childcare reservations up to 12 months in advance.

If we book multiple appointments, can we have the same nanny each time?
We recognize that it is important for children to have the same HHN nanny come when multiple appointments are booked. Therefore, it is our policy to always send the same nanny to you when you make multiple, advance reservations. While there may be some situations that are out of our control (no advance reservations, for example), we will always work with your children’s best interests at heart and strive to have the same nanny for your family's needs. 

What ages do your nannies typically care for?
Hilton Head Nannies & Companions provides care for children ages 4 weeks to 14 years. We also care for children with special needs.

What language will my nanny speak?
All of our nannies are required to speak fluent English. From time to time, we have bi-lingual nannies available to assist children with learning second languages.  

Will I be able to contact my nanny when she is with my children?
You will! All nannies are required to have a working cell phone with them at all times. They can be reached via cell phone if they are outside playing or via the room/condo/home number if cell phone reception is poor inside.


What happens if I have an existing appointment and need to get in touch with the agency after hours?

The client may leave a message on our voicemail and if it is an emergency, someone from our administrative team will return their call. You may also reach out to Jennie, the owner via Facebook Messenger on our Facebook Page. If you have an existing appointment, Jennie's personal cell phone number will be at the bottom of the confirmation email you received.

Can you provide services in other areas, such as Tybee Island, Savannah, Fripp Island, etc.?

We do provide nanny & sitter services on Tybee Island, Savannah, Fripp Island and surrounding areas. Because of the travel time involved, we charge for anything over 30 minutes travel time for Savannah/Tybee Island Fripp Island each way and a $10 gas stipend. The booking fee for surrounding areas is $20 per appointment.

Can we have a specific nanny be ‘’on call” for our family during specific hours or on a specific day?
Absolutely. However, the nanny must be paid for those hours even if her services are not utilized as she is unable to accept work with other clients or make personal plans.  We are happy to work with you to ensure flexible scheduling for your family so that your vacation is everything that you desire it to be.

Policies and Procedures

Name Badges: Our professional caregivers will arrive at your room or rental unit wearing a Hilton Head Nannies' photo identification badge. All of our nannies are in uniform.  We also ask our caregivers to show a government issued photo-ID upon arrival. You will always know the name of your nanny in advance.

Booking Again:  Our nanny would love to work with your family again! If you'd like to book again, please be sure to call the office and we would be delighted to help you get that scheduled.

Holidays: The following dates will incur holiday/prime rate charges: 
 St. Patty's Day Tuesday March 17th; Heritage Week Friday April 10th-Monday April 20th; Easter Friday April 17th-Sunday April 19th; Mother's Day Sunday May 10th; Memorial Day Thursday May 22nd-Monday May 25th; Father's Day Sunday June 21st; 4th of July Thursday July 2nd -Monday July 6th; Labor Day Thursday September 3rd-Monday September 7th; Thanksgiving Friday November 20th-Sunday November 29th; Christmas Friday December 18th-Sunday December 27th; New Year's Thursday December 31st-Sunday January 3rd 

Childcare Release Form: All parents are required to sign a childcare release form before leaving the children with the caregiver.

Credit Card Security: Because we do not actually see your credit card, we require that you show your driver's license to the nanny at the appointment. The nanny will take down information off of your driver's license and copy to the Service Slip that she turns in to the office. This is to secure the deposit and booking fee charged to your credit card.  

Service Slip: At the end of the evening, the nanny will ask you to sign a Service Slip indicating her arrival time and departure time. 

Who We Release Children To: Our professional caregivers are not permitted to release a child to anyone other than the parent or legal guardian unless advance arrangements are made with the office and the appropriate forms are signed.

Water Activities: Under most circumstances our nannies are comfortable getting in the pool with children. However, as a pool situation can be a life or death situation, we do not require that our nannies do so if they get to a job and feel uncomfortable for some reason  (the children are not well-behaved, a child is out of sorts, or other people in the pool put the children at risk, etc.). For this reason, we cannot guarantee that your child/ren will get to go swimming. However, our nannies love to take the kids to the pool! The nannies do have a few ground rules that the kids have to follow, and mom and dad (or legal guardian) has to sign a swim release form for the agency. 

Though our nannies do not allow children in the ocean water, they will allow them to play on the beach and dig in the sand so long as they kids stay right there with them. 

Travel: When traveling to a restaurant or activity with a caregiver, transportation cannot be by private vehicle. Shuttle, chartered transportation, taxi, or resort transportation is acceptable.

Other Appointment Policies: Our caregivers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Reservations may begin as early as 6:30 a.m. and/or begin as late as 11:00 p.m. There is no limit to the number of hours that you may utilize a caregiver.

Payment:  To book your appointment we require a non-refundable deposit of 1/3 of the estimated balance for your appointment + the booking fee. The other 2/3 of the hourly fee is due to your nanny in cash at the end of the appointment. If you go over your appointment time, the agency will charge the remaining 1/3 to your credit card on file and you should still pay the 2/3 to the nanny directly.

Please note: It is required that you pay your nanny 2/3 of the hourly rate, in cash, at the end of the appointment. If the nanny is not paid at the end of the appointment, as an additional service to you, we will process the payment to your credit card on file. There is a $25/per appointment additional charge for us to process your payment, write and mail a check on your behalf to the nanny. 

Cancellation Policy:  While the deposit you placed when you made your reservation is nonrefundable, no further fees are charged to the credit card on file when at least 7 days notice is provided for cancellations. Otherwise, the following charges apply: 4-6 days - 50% of the estimated balance for the appointment. Less than 72 hours - 100% of the estimated balance for the appointment.  

Sick Child/Household Policy: 

At Hilton Head Nannies, we work with families traveling from all over the country and world to enjoy the beautiful beaches and environment of the Lowcountry. We appreciate that they go through great expense to travel here and in order to prevent carrying illness from one client’s family to another, we have a strict “Sick Child/Sick Household” Policy. No one wants to be sick on vacation and that is why if a nanny is exposed to illness or ill herself, we pull her from our schedule for a minimum of 48 hours in order to protect your family.

If anyone in your group (Child or Adult) is showing signs of illness, please call the agency immediately and inform us so that we can determine if we can still send a nanny.

Nannies may provide care for children with mild colds and runny nose with no other behavioral changes and at no additional fee, but we require that you notify us prior to your appointment so that we can send someone who is not providing care for infants that week. 

Illness Cancelation Policy:

Families may cancel up to 12 hours prior to their appointment for illness and there will be no additional charges for the appointment (deposits are nonrefundable). If less than 12 hours’ notice is given, the client will be charged in full for the appointment, charged to the credit card on file, and we will pay the nanny on their behalf. 

When Illness is Not Disclosed to the Agency

If your nanny arrives for the appointment and there is a sick child present (or adult) that was not disclosed to us prior to her arrival, the nanny must call the agency immediately. The agency may decline care. When this occurs and the nanny is exposed, the nanny is to be paid in full for the scheduled appointment at double the hourly rate (inclusive of holiday rates). The increased rate is due to her exposure and having to pull her off of rotation so that she does not take illness to another family.

With agency approval and at the nanny’s discretion, a nanny may be willing to stay and provide care for a sick child. However, sick care rates and booking fees are triple the standard fees (inclusive of holiday rates). The extra cost makes up for some, but not all, of the lost income the nanny incurs that results from illness exposure/being pulled from our schedule.

Sick Care with Advance Notice

For your convenience and at our discretion based on our schedule, if you desire care for your sick child/children, we may be able to provide a nanny. Sick care rates and booking fees triple the standard fees (inclusive of holiday rates). The extra cost makes up for some, but not all, of the lost income the nanny incurs that results from illness exposure/being pulled from our schedule.

We are unable to make exceptions to this policy. Thank you for being thoughtful of our other clients and our nannies.


Appointment Minimums: In order to be fair to our caregivers who have to sit in traffic to get to appointments, wait in line to get guest passes into plantations and pay toll to get to many of the appointments, we require a minimum of 4 hours per appointment. You do not have to use the caregiver for the whole appointment but you will be billed for all four hours. 

Gratuity: We are often asked by clients whether or not gratuity is expected and what the appropriate amount should be. While gratuity is not required, it is very much appreciated by your nanny if you should be happy with her service. The recommended tipping amount for vacation nanny services is the standard tipping amount of 10-20%.  

Vacation Nanny & In-Room Caregiver Qualifications

Our professional caregivers are required to:

  • Have a genuine love and respect for children
  • Be at least 18 years of age (though 99% of our nannies are over the age of 22)
  • Have verifiable childcare or teaching experience
  •  Go through a multi-phase application process
  • Provide a minimum of 3 childcare references
  • Provide a minimum of 3 personal references
  • Be able to physically care for active children
  • Be certified in child/infant CPR & Basic First Aid
  •  Go through a thorough interview & evaluation, screening process, and criminal background check process
  • Be willing to attend Hilton Head Nannies Professional Development training program, including the Stewards of Children program 
  • Be willing to be technically supervised without notice (i.e. Nanny Cameras) should the clients or agency so desire and be willing to undergo random/unannounced drug testing as required by the agency.
  • Have a working cell phone all times

Please note: Our nannies do NOT bring their children with them to appointments. Our nannies are professional nannies who are solely devoted to the safe and loving care of your children.

Hotels, Resorts, & Vacation Companies  We Work With

We are frequently recommended and used by the resorts listed below. We would be delighted to come to your resort/hotel/rental on Hilton Head Island, Daufuskie Island or in Bluffton, including, but NOT limited to:

Beach Properties Rentals
Daufuskie Island Resort
Duafuskie Bloody Point
Daufuskie Melrose
Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort
Harbourt Town Yacht Club
Hampton Inn
Hilton Head Island Resort
Hilton Head Island Beach and Tennis Resort
Hilton Head Plantation
Holiday Inn Resort Hilton Head
Holiday Inn Express Hilton Head
Inn at Harbour Town, Sea Pines
Marriott Barony Beach
Marriott's Surfwatch
Marriott Grande Ocean
Marriott Harbour Club
Marriott Heritage Club
Marriott Resort & Spa
Montage Palmetto Bluff
Palmetto Bluff Plantation
Palmetto Dunes Resort
Palmetto Dunes Plantation
Palmetto Hall Plantation
Port Royal Plantation
Omni Resort
Shipyard Plantation
Sea Pines Plantation
Spanish Wells Plantation
Sonesta Resort Hilton Head Island
The Beach House (A Holiday Inn Resort)
The Sea Pines Resort
Westin Resort & Spa Hilton Head
Wexford Plantation

Addiitonally, we are the chosen agency for the Heritage Foundation for their PGA Families each year during Hertiage Week (since 2007). 


To speak with us about your vacation nanny needs, please call our office at
(843) 227-3196. For your convenience, you may also make a reservation online via by clicking here 7 days per week, 24 hours per day.

Day-Evening Vacation Nanny™ Rates

$23.00 per hour/1 child

$1.00 per hour for each additional child

$28.00 Booking Fee (per appointment)

4 hour minimum per appointment

No membership fees!! No mileage! Nannies bring their own meals! 

Holiday Week Rates: add +$5/hour and the booking fee is $35

* A non-refundable deposit via credit card is required to hold your reservation (1/3 of estimated hourly rate for appointments + booking fee). This is applied toward your total at the end of your appointment.  
*A $5/hour surcharge applies for any hours worked between midnight and 7 am. 

To Reserve an In-Room Nanny or Sitter Online, please go to
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To Speak With One of Our Staff, Please Call

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Hilton Head Nannies is a professional nanny referral agency.  We carefully screen nannies and have very strict requirements for nannies who are on our registry. We do not employ the nannies -they are independent contractors who are employed by our clients and paid directly by the client.



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