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For Childcare Events


What services does Hilton Head Nannies provide for Conventions?

Hilton Head Nannies provides an array of kid's camp service packages for events, conventions, and weddings. It has been our pleasure to serve clients from all over the country who had conferences on Hilton Head Island! We can provide care for any number of children and are able to handle requests for care for one child on up to 300+. No request is too great or too small.

Where do the nannies and children stay during the convention?

Our nannies offer convenience by coming directly to where the convention is. Most resort and convention centers have extra rooms that are perfect for us to set up an exciting kids' camp for all ages. As long as we have a suitable size room and access to rest rooms for the children, we can make just about anything work! We’ve had nurseries, toddler rooms, elementary age rooms, and teen rooms set up simultaneously.

How do the nannies keep the children occupied?

 We are of the firm belief that trips to the beach are meant to be enjoyed! That goes for the children too! Our nannies are like Mary Poppins! We have fun tricks up our sleeves that will keep children of ages happily entertained!

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Hilton Head Nannies is a professional nanny referral agency.  We carefully screen nannies and have very strict requirements for nannies who are on our registry. We do not employ the nannies -they are independent contractors who are employed by our clients and paid directly by the client.



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