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Company Back-Up Care


Why should our organization become a corporate client?

Hilton Head Nannies Corporate Sponsored Childcare Service helps lower absenteeism, improve recruiting and retention, and supports employees who suffer from their co-workers' unscheduled absences. On average, parents lose seven working days each year to childcare related breakdowns. Fifty percent (50%) of the time it is due to a mildly ill child who cannot attend regularly scheduled activities.

Who uses this service?

We serve clients throughout the Lowcountry by providing professional care in private homes.  We also offer a Corporate Services Program for select companies to provide their employees access to our pool of high-quality, fully screened caregivers. Our Corporate Services offers local employers the opportunity to increase productivity and profits by offering our temporary/emergency service to their employees in their benefits package.  The caregivers come to the employee's home when a childcare emergency might otherwise prevent the employee from getting to work.

 We have a large pool of carefully screened and highly qualified nannies and are able to fill most assignments in as little as two hours notice. Our services will help prevent your employees from using vacation days and sick leave at the last minute when their children are ill or when they have a childcare emergency (such as school closures, school early dismissals or sitters calling in sick).

Most companies qualify for a tax credit by offering this type of service. Our Corporate Sponsored Childcare Service is ideal for law firms, hospitals, real estate firms, and accounting firms. Typically an organization can see a return on investment after one use. Billable hours can strongly affect a company's bottom line.

How does our organization become a corporate client?

To become a corporate client with Hilton Head Nannies, a company pays an annual registration fee based on the size of the company and the demographics of it's employees. This fee covers caregiver recruitment, program promotion, and periodic utilization reports. The registration fee is affordable for small companies, law firms, and even schools. Agency fees are calculated to fit most budgets. A company may also purchase a set number of hours to accommodate it's employees' anticipated childcare needs by providing them our service as part of the company's benefit package.

 If your company is interested in learning more about our backup and emergency childcare program, please call (843) 815-1313.

To Speak With One of Our Staff, Please Call

(843) 815-1313

Hilton Head Nannies is a professional nanny referral agency.  We carefully screen nannies and have very strict requirements for nannies who are on our registry. We do not employ the nannies -they are independent contractors who are employed by our clients and paid directly by the client.



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