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About Hilton Head Nannies & Lowcountry Nanny Agencies
    Meet Ms. Jennie Krogulski, Owner and Executive Director

Ms. Jennie Krogulski, Professional Career Nanny
CEO & Owner of Hilton Head Nannies
Professional Visitation Supervisor
Professional Parent Coach

Jennie Krogulski is a Parent Coach, a Professional Career Nanny, Owner of Lowcountry Nanny Agencies, Hilton Head Nannies - A National Placement Agency, Owner of May River Property Management, Freelance Writer, and Founder & Former President of the former Association of Professional Nannies (APN) - a national educational group for nannies. She is also a member of Christian Nannies, a group of Christian nannies who come together to pray for and support one another in their roles as nannies. She is a nationally recognized expert in the nanny industry and has been called on by media nationwide. 

Making a difference in the lives of children and their families is her calling. She offers the knowledge gained from her schooling and 20+ years of working with children and their families in both public and private sectors. Ms. Krogulski has personally provided care to over 600 children ranging in ages from premature newborn to teenagers and specializing in multiples, discipline issues, grieving children, children of divorcing parents, and special needs children. 

Ms. Krogulski is involved in Social Services work as a specially trained supervisor for parents, through court order, who cannot be alone with their children. She has worked with the family court systems in multiple states and as a team member with Social Services, CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates), Family Therapists, Child Psychologists, and Guardian-ad-Litems.

Ms. Krogulski believes in giving back to her community. She volunteers in her community with feeding, clothing and providing necessities such as tents, tarps and cooking utentsils for the homeless. She has also volunteered as a parent educator in a local unwed mothers home for teens. She has led “The Lowcountry’s Largest Baby Shower” in the community to gather much needed supplies for the home on several occasions. Most recently, she worked with another business owner in the community to found “Twice is Nice Toy Drive” to assist families in need at Christmas. Other volunteer efforts include donating childcare for military who are visiting the area or in town for marriage retreats, donating services for the Marine Ball, and visiting with seniors in the community who are in need of a friend. 

Enhancing Family Life

Ms. Krogulski is dedicated to enhancing family life through parent coaching, nanny education, and the placement and referral of only the finest of caregivers - those who are kind, loving, educated, safety conscious and highly-qualified.

How Hilton Head Nannies Was Started

Ms. Krogulski was a professional nanny who traveled the country for many years working with families of many different backgrounds and with many different needs. She has also worked in churches, served in the mission field, in teaching positions in both elementary and preschools, and in the dormitories of boarding schools. She came here to interview with a family and knew the first time she crossed the bridges to Hilton Head Island and met the two beautiful children she would be nannying for that she was "home".

Over the years, she has fallen in love with the Lowcountry, the people here, and has become well established in the community that she cares so much about. She is still very close with the family she moved here to work for and has also become "Jen-Jen" to many other children in the area along the way.  

How Lowcountry Nannies Came to Be

In 2014, Jennie formed Lowcountry Nannies, an umbrella company and expanded outward into the State of South Carolina. 

When Choosing an Agency 

When choosing an agency, please take into consideration her 20+ years in the nanny and childcare industry, her work as a Visitation Supervisor, her leadership and involvement in the nanny industry on a national level,  her personal experiences, her compassion and dedication to seniors in the community, her volunteer efforts and her dedication to child advocacy. No one will work to ensure security for your family like she will.

Our approach to childcare is based on Dr. Maria Montessori’s Litany:

1. To respect children and in return be worthy of their respect.

2. To praise much and censure little. To emphasize their successes and minimize their failures. May love and understanding teach me.

3. To make no promises to children that I cannot keep.

4. To have unbounded faith in children.

5. To know that each child has a great potential and to have the patience and wisdom to bring it forth. May love and understanding lead me.

6. To allow children the dignity of their own personality and individuality. To refrain from making them over to my own desire.

7. To be cheerful, ready to smile, and often to laugh because children love and thrive on these things, just as they love and thrive on sunshine.

8. To have infinite patience with children. To make many allowances for them, knowing there is so much for them to learn and knowing, too, that I myself am not so very wise. May love and understanding guide me.

9. To protect children always from my own nerves, from irritability, prejudice, pessimism or fear, showing and practicing in their presence only the opposites. May love and understanding aid me.

10. To help children choose the life work they are best fitted for. To stir up the gift that is in them. To discover the talent or talents that they truly have: the inner person they came with. May real love and understanding lead me.

 11. To bring fresh energy into my job each day, contaging my charges with keen alertness and interest and enthusiasm so I shall help children to meet life and people bravely, honestly, independently, and confidently. May love and understanding show me.

12. To give children the freedom and to never confuse liberty with license, as these two words are not synonymous, ever. To show my friendly interest in each child. To conscientiously care about their progress, but to attain this by warmth and love rather than by rigid, cold discipline.

13. To manage children by the pleasantest of methods with intelligence plus affection, and not by condemnation, criticism and fear.

14. To educate truly, by drawing out rather than spoon feeding. (Educate means to elicit or draw out). To guide them rather than drive them. To direct their energy rather than depress it.

15. To try to understand children rather than judging them through all misdemeanors both trivial and serious to let them know this: it is the wrong action we deplore, not the child. Oh, lead me, teach me, guide me.


Ms. Jennie Krogulski with Charlie U., one of our HHN Kids. 

Hilton Head Nannies is a professional nanny referral agency.  We carefully screen nannies and have very strict requirements for nannies who are on our registry. We do not employ the nannies -they are independent contractors who are employed by our clients and paid directly by the client.



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