Safety Alert

The safety of children is the highest priority of Hilton Head Nannies! 

An Important Message from Jennie Krogulski, President of Hilton Head Nannies

Through a very odd series of events, we have learned from a parent that she made an appointment with an individual who she thought was a representative of Hilton Head Nannies. This person is in no way affiliated with Hilton Head Nannies. It turns out that this individual, who recently moved to our area, has been recruiting clientele representing herself as the owner and/or representative of Hilton Head Nannies. This parent, who had contacted our agency last year, thought she was working with someone from our team. Our administrative team has never before heard of this individual and we have no knowledge of who she is aside from the name she has provided to this parent and phone number.

The safety of children is at the forefront of everything that I do as a business owner. Over the last 15 years, my team and I have served children and families in a manner that has earned us the reputation of being the gold standard of childcare and child advocacy in our community. It is deeply concerning to me that someone is using the good name of Hilton Head Nannies to gain access to children. I understand that this individual is using online platforms/social media sites to recruit clientele along with word of mouth.

Parents in the community, please know that there are only 2 ways to book an appointment or set up services with our agency:

1. Call our office and speak to someone directly on the phone at 843-227-3196

2. Book online on our website at HiltonHeadNannies.com

Our policy is that caregivers do not book directly with clients, and what occurred with this stranger representing herself as a part of Hilton Head Nannies is an excellent example of why. No one who is a legitimate team member of Hilton Head Nannies will accept an appointment without going through our office. If someone tries to book an appointment with you directly and says they are with Hilton Head Nannies, we ask that you reach out to our office immediately for verification.

Due to my decades in the nanny industry and my work as a parent coach with family court systems, Guardian-ad-litems and child therapists, I am very aware that there are people who seek to be alone with children for nefarious purposes. It is incredibly important to make sure that you know who you are leaving your children with. We encourage parents to do their due diligence on anyone who will be alone with your children.

I have reached out to the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office to file a report and have shared my concerns and all relative information with the deputy that reached out to me today. I appreciate all that the BCSO does to make sure that the children of our community are safe.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office at 843-227-3196.

Warm Regards,